Thinking Partner

Senior people in organisations are under so much pressure, they often feel that it is hard to have the time and space to think properly, hence the idea of a ‘Thinking Partner’.

I work with a number of individual clients for whom I take on this role – a blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring. We meet using Zoom, phone and occasionally face to face.

The heart of being in a “thinking partner” relationship is to co-create a space for thinking ‘out loud’. Our conversations are a kind of rehearsal space in which leaders can both reflect on experience and try out new ideas, arguments or perspectives. I give feedback and challenge. I throw stimulus, frameworks and tools into the mix. I may also help design specific meetings or events, or processes.

Above all these people say they particularly value the fact that I have no particular angle or agenda – and tell me this is hard to find.

If this sounds attractive please contact me for a conversation in which we could explore the possibilities and see if this might work for you as well.