Emerging Ideas

Adaptive Action and Schroedinger’s Cat

Two articles particularly caught my eye this week. Both are well worth a read.

The first, by Lisa Gill, begins by quoting Margaret Wheatley who suggests that:

“I realised I had been living in a Schroedinger’s cat world in every organisation I had ever been in. Each of these organisations had myriad boxes, drawn in endess renderings of organisational charts. Within each of these boxes lay “a cat,” a human being, rich in potential, whose fate was determined, always and irrevocably, by the act of observation.” 

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“Feelings of tendency”

This is taken from William James “Stream of Thought” chapter. In it he argues that we have often ignored the “transitive” parts of the the stream of our thing and placed undue emphasis on the “substantive” parts.

By doing so, he suggests, we have tended to confuse ” …the thoughts themselves … and the things of which they are aware.” In these circumstances he argues that

… ‘tendencies’ are not only descriptions from without, but they are among the objects of the stream, which is thus aware of them from within, and must be described as in very large measure constituted as feelings of tendency, often so vague that we are unable to name them at all.