• Assisted the Board and senior leadership of a major accrediting body to understand current levels of staff engagement and design ways to ensure a sustainable and engaged workforce through a period of significant change.
  • Led a review of factors that influence the capacity of the members and staff of a major educational institution to work more effectively together.
  • Supported a national Data Strategy Group to analyse and understand the implications of a comprehensive stocktake of data sources, governance arrangements, reports and reporting regimes and national projects across the early childhood education, schooling and higher education sectors. Undertook a range of mapping exercises, identifying linkages and dis-connects as well as overlaps and gaps.


  • Facilitated workshops to jointly develop a workable and agreed project management framework to ensure effective coordination and on-time delivery of major projects for a major government Cluster.


  • Facilitated the initiation workshop (including clarification of roles and delineation of responsibility) for the newly recruited senior leadership team of a Division of a NSW Government department.
  • Developed a new benchmark for the highest level of professional membership that incorporated a rigorous method for assessing individual knowledge, skills and capability in the planning sector.
  • Provided organisational change and workforce planning support to a Division of a Federal government department as part of the implementation of agreed reforms designed to establish a “One Division, One Team” culture and workforce capability across Canberra and overseas based business units and teams.
  • Facilitated two cohorts of senior leaders in a Federal government department through a group coaching program to enhance their capacity to communicate about and to initiate and foster local change initiatives aligned with the broad change agenda.


  • Facilitated a planning workshop to identify key steps (including issues and challenges) involved in a progressive transfer of operational responsibility for regional transport operations to a newly established entity.
  • Facilitating key events including national team meetings (three times per year), monthly management forum, strategic planning workshops and National Advisory Committee meetings (twice a year) for a service provider in the disability sector.
  • Provided support to a Joint Working Group of the Standing Committee on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC) in the development of a nationally agreed implementation plan for the inclusion of the collection of data about school students with disability within existing jurisdictional and school-based structures and processes for collection of data.

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