About Me

cropped-IMG_0713_2-1.jpgI am a facilitator and designer of conversations that help people find a way forward with whatever it is they are struggling to make sense of and therefore to do. Mostly that means starting in the middle and then taking things one step at a time.

Sometimes I work with individuals, frequently with groups and often with whole organisations. So I’m a coach, facilitator and consultant but for me the edges between these descriptions have become useful blurred.

The photo below is the view over my back fence on the mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


I love it here because it provides me with a space and a spaciousness that is both creative and restorative. It often gives me a different perspective that is more anchored in the rhythms of rural life and community. Increasingly I bring people here so they can take the necessary time out to regenerate and re-focus.

When asked about what I do, my family say that I talk and drink coffee!

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