How do we develop people to lead in the midst of complexity?

Recently I had the pleasure of introducing Jennifer Garvey-Berger, co-author of the book Simple habits for complex times: powerful practices for leaders[1], before she led a workshop for coaches, consultants and organizational development leaders on the topic, “Supporting our clients in an increasingly complex world”. What follows is a modified version of my introduction. For […]

Coming to grips with difficult to define concerns

For some years now my colleague Dr Garth Britton and I have been playing around with different ways of engaging with organisations and organisational leaders in circumstances where they know, or perhaps simply have an uneasy feeling, that things aren’t going the way they planned or that, to a greater or lesser degree, the wheels are falling off. Mostly when this […]

“Fixed” or “growth” mindset

Here is a link to an interesting article about research carried out by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck. As a result of her research Dweck thinks that one of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. She proposes […]

Getting it out of our heads

Over the past ten years what I do and how I do it has changed significantly. One shift has been in the area of coaching. When I began in 2000 coaching was arguably just entering its second generation and moving from a focus on what might be called skills coaching, which grew out of sports […]

Against Common Sense

Here is a link to the text of a recent talk given by Chris Mowles of the Complexity and Management Centre. In it Chris  talks about why he thinks there is a problem with much contemporary management theory and explain why, in his view, it is necessary to argue against what is taken to be common […]